Real English

If students really want to increase their confidence in the language then the Real English course is the modern, fun and successfully proven way of doing it.

The course aims to:

Place emphasis on listening and speaking rather than reading and writing.
Excursions and activities are a large part of the course work.
Provide innovative methods to master the language.
Some examples of the themes that will be explored include:
  • Language used in popular songs and the music industry
  • Advertising language & rule breaking
  • Street language
  • Language in socialising and romancing
  • Humour in serials & movies
  • Rapid speech between natives
  • Storytelling – relating past events & emotions
  • Nuance & subtleties
  • Computer language
  • Rules v Usage



  • Grammar through dialogue

    The Real English course has its own workbook, created especially for the college and available only to CTIC students. Grammar is essential to non-native speakers improving their fluency. For students to be able to speak effortlessly we can’t focus only in pronunciation or accent, we need to build confidence and perfect any grammatical inconsistencies that may still exist. Most courses teach grammar separately from the speaking process, so often students may be very good at worksheets but make grammatical mistakes while speaking or vice versa. The Real English Workbook is unique since it uses grammar through dialogue so that students are able to identify how to use correct grammatical structure while speaking. Initially students write down and enact grammatically complex dialogues before being able to do them without writing down.

  • Presentation

    What has been crucial in improving student’s confidence and fluency in this course is the weekly presentations where students are divided into groups, given a topic to research and finally present their topics. Every student has to contribute and an award is given for the most fluent speakers and best team presentation. Sometimes students are asked to use either Powerpoint or Prezi (the presentation tool used at Stanford University) to make their presentations. While initially some of the more timid students find physical presentations to teachers and colleagues intimidating, we find results in a week or two and notice a marked difference in confidence. The presentation component of the Real English course can really help students develop their speaking skills and feedback is given based on clarity, vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciation. Students can really notice their own development in speaking skills after every weekly presentation. Often the weakest speaker is able to win after only 3 or 4 weeks of practice.

  • Vocabulary trivia

    Another way to encourage student learning is through competitiveness, the teacher. The teacher conducts a Trivia competition twice a week. Trivia is divided into various categories and students in groups have to be able to describe what certain words, phrases or idioms mean. It is a useful yet fun way of learning new vocabulary every week.

  • Mastering the neutral accent

    In the rapidly changing world scenario where non-native speakers of English far outnumber native speakers it is essential to be clear and understood rather than mastering a particular accent. Other courses may focus on imposing American or Australian accents upon students which may be detrimental to the natural flow of language of a speaker. What this Real English course focuses on is eliminating any influence of the speaker’s native idiosyncrasies so that they can communicate in this modern, ever-changing world.

  • Listening and writing modules

    We also focus on listening and writing modules through regular tests and exercises.

  • Real English at the workplace

    A new module for the Real English course is Business Communication. It is not only important for students to be able to speak fluently but also communicate effectively in the right context. This new module will help students with at their workplaces by improving upon their politeness, negotiation skills, business vocabulary and writing CVs and letters.

More about Real English:

  • REAL conversational English for intermediate and advanced students.
  • Fun and vibrant classes.
  • Limited number of students.
  • Non-standard, contemporary English is taught and practised in REAL contexts and situations.