Study in Malaysia

Malaysia over the past decade has been a hub for international expansion in South East Asia, and as a result, foreigners of all origins take residence here. Regardless of how many foreigners reside in Malaysia- this beautiful country is steeped in tradition and has the potential to make everyone feel at home.

What better way to begin your pathway to progression than by studying in one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world. The nation stands as an exceptional example of an international market, and so the aim is to provide Malaysians the tools to make similar footholds abroad. With the English language firmly in their skill set, students will be able to explore and understand the global market, and further evolve their grasp on the international community. With the rapid expansion of international business and mass media, PLC opens doors to introduce students to a world moving closer together.

International students will also be part of the demographic student body. After their studies, they will be prepared to live internationally, where they will be able to experience western culture and industry. PLC aims to be a major stepping-stone in both local and international career paths.