Young Learners

The academic pressures at school have never been higher, and we at PLC know that the English Language is in high demand. Our young learner’s course is catering for the very energetic and enthusiastic 7-16 year olds.


This program aims to:

  • Focus on the communicative value of language and
  • Ensure that our young learners feel that learning is an interactive and stimulating experience.
  • Encourage our young learners to be actively involved in their own learning and
  • Allow young learners to use their natural creativity and imagination for learning.
  • Inculcate topics and activities  designed to involve the young learners in English language.
  • Help them enjoy learning English in and out of the classroom.


More about the young learner’s course:

  • Interactive games, songs and storytelling is the highlight of this course.
  • Communicative methodology.
  • Limited number of students per class.
  • Classes run for one month.
  • 2 classes a week.
  • Parent teacher interaction.